This Is What Interchange Mall Building In Bangkok City Is All About

Interchange mall Building, B&G Park Co., Ltd., is actually a joint venture that is strategically located between the famous Srichawla family and Bischoff Textil AG Swiss with a registered of Baht 500 million. The tower was built by the two companies as a joint investment. Also known as Interchange 21, the foundation is a major destination for most business people searching for office space to rent in Bangkok City. Here is an overview Of Interchange 21’s successful journey. The Srichawla family is a registered major shareholder of the great FICO Group that was initially founded in 1947. This group’s earliest business operations revolved around textile trading. However, the scale and scope of the firm has just expanded over the decades. Bischoff Textil AG on the other hand, was initially a registered traditional textile firm in St. Gallen in Switzerland. The company was created in 1927, and over the period it has grown into a high quality fashion and exclusive design venture. Bischoff Textil AG relies on household and clothing textile users as their primary customers. At the moment, the textile company is not only located in St. Gallen but is has various branches in Los Angeles, New York, Lestenau (Austria), Milan, and London. Apart from Interchange 21, it also has other joint venture in the United States, Turkey, and Thailand. Just after the creation of the group, the FICO Corporation was formed in 1993 as the main company. Over the decades, Fico Corporation has significantly grown to facilitate business activities in numerous sectors such as media, entertainment, technology, engineering, commodities, trading of textiles, manufacturing of textiles, luxury retail, commercial real estate, and hospitality. Today, the Fico Corporation is made up of more than fifty companies. Interchange Mall Building is one of FICO’s business promotion strategies. This entails that all facilities offered at the tower are all geared towards business promotion. With this and many other benefits to enjoy, you definitely should consider renting office space at Interchange 21. Above all, the tower’s services are affordable, reliable, flexible, and convenient. if you looking for office space for rent bangkok please visit