Deals of the decade with office for rent Bangkok

The Interchange21 Building or if you prefer to call it the Interchange Mall building, consists of 36 storeys of beautifully architecturally designed offices and retail space. Rectangular–shaped, lying parallel to a site boundary line and with its front podium section turned diagonally towards the main Sukhumvit/Asoke Road junctions, it reflects the city- and sky-line of Bangkok. If you are interested in an office for rent Bangkok, look no further than Interchange21, situated on the doorstep of a thriving business and pleasure hotspot. What really is a top reason why office rentals are so popular here, as well as shopping is because this building has direct access and connection to the Metropolitan Rapid Transit region subway-stations, serving thousands of passengers every day. The comfortable sky-train through the center of Bangkok enables commuters to escape the congestion, pollution, and noise of the busy streets. It’s a real drawcard. It is no wonder people want to rent office space in this dream of a building; featuring around 44 000 m² of office space covering 24 storeys. Already it is home to a huge variety of different businesses and companies. Office space comes modern and spacious with the latest state-of-the-art security and safety standards as well as ‘go-green’ environmentally friendly technological standards. It’s not hard to work out that renting office space in the Interchange21 building is one clever move – it will take your business to great heights, literally. You can take your pick of furnished offices that come with modern furniture, ergonomic office equipment, and high-speed internet with all-inclusive pricing included. You can choose to scale up by adding more space as you grow and include more staff. You can also opt for a temporary office; it all depends on your business needs and aspirations. If you’re looking for the perfect mix of office and retail space and where location and transport are vital to you and your staff, the end of your search will be at the Interchange21 Building.